Residential and In-Home Caregiver Training

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Caregiver Training + Job Placement Assistance (Total Cost: $320.00)*

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What You’ll Learn

  • How to provide person-centered support for daily living activities to clients in their homes and/or residential care facilities
  • Information about common diseases, infections, chronic illnesses, and disorders found in a residential care setting
  • Techniques to assist clients with self-management and activities like bathing, dressing, hygiene care, diet, exercise, social interactions, and more
  • How to assist in clients taking medications properly and how to assist them in community and social engagement activities.
  • Digital literacy skills for Caregivers
  • How to find the best work opportunities as a Caregiver

Three Course Training

  • Residential & In-Home Care Training (via distance learning)
  • Hands-on Home Care Aide Training (In-person only & optional)
  • First Aid, Adult and Child CPR certification (In-person only & optional. Required for employment)

Occupational Skills Certificates include:

  • First Aid, Adult and Child CPR certification (6 hr., EMS Safety Services)
  • Medication Administration – 8 Units CEUs
  • Universal/Standard Precaution – 4 Units CEUs
  • Personal Rights/Incident Reporting [HIPPA requirements] – 4 Units CEUs

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Cost (Enroll in each class separately)

Residential & In-Home Care Training (6 weeks via distance learning)
COST $255.00
Fee covers:

  • Residential Care training
  • Class workbook
  • Job placement assistance

Hands-on Home Care Aide Training (2 days, In-person. Optional)
COST $20.00
The fee covers hands-on training in:

  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Patient transfers with gait belts
  • Patient lifts
  • Changing linen on an occupied bed

First Aid, Adult, and Child CPR certification (1 day, 6 hrs, In person. Optional but required for employment)
COST $45.00
Fee covers

  • First Aid, Adult & CPR training & workbook
  • CPR Certificate from EMS Safety

Additional Information

  • Eligible for High School Diploma elective credit through New Haven Adult School.
  • Successful completers receive job placement assistance and employment coaching through their first six months of employment.
  • Additional fees to be paid for employment include: California State registry fees for job placement
  • Funding Assistance is available for those who qualify. See details on the Residential Care Enrollment page.

How ResCare Distance Learning Works

  • There is NO set class time for this class.
  • Students will complete three assignments per week by watching video lessons on their telephones, tablets, or computers.
  • Students will also complete workbook activities and tests.
  • Students may email the instructor at any time or may contact her by phone during her virtual office hours.
  • Assignments will be submitted to the instructor via email.

At the end of the training, the instructor will assist the student with job placement

Program Outcomes from Nov 2016 through August 2023.

  • 179 out of 201 completed
  • 165 received job offers (92.18%)
  • 149 accepted (90.30%)
  • 24 became Independent, self-employed Caregivers
  • 3 were Caregivers for a sick family member
  • 4 Did not complete once COVID started
  • 3 who did complete did via DL did not accept jobs due to COVID concerns
  • 14 co-enrolled with WIOA Title 1 via Ohlone Career Center & La Familia collaboration
  • 4 were Adults with Disabilities (ex. Autism) 3 of which became paid Companion Care Helpers
  • 1 has received the Caregiver of the Quarter award through their employer
  • 1 upskilled to Geriatric Specialist
  • 2 have received a job that's above entry-level as a Caregiver Medication Technician
  • 3 received 11 units of High School Diploma credit and graduated with their diploma and a Caregiver job offer.
  • 4 have dual enrolled: one in NHAS High School Diploma, one in ABE Math, and two in Health Science Essentials
  • One employer partner has offered our graduates an above-average starting pay rate of $16.95/hour
  • One student has recently promoted from Caregiver to Caregiver Lead to Scheduler.