Pharmacy Technician Training (Face & MVROP)

Two Southern Alameda County Consortia (SACC) schools have just what you need to prepare for a career as a Pharmacy Technician. The CORE training takes place at Mission Valley ROP in Fremont; but here’s how Fremont Adult School can help you prepare!

Step #1 – Fremont Adult School – Pharmacy Technician Preparatory Course

Students who pass all the requirements and assessments of this bridge course, including the final tests and the oral interview, will meet the eligibility requirements for Mission Valley ROP Pharmacy Technology Course.

Step #2 – Mission Valley ROP (Fremont) – Adult Pharmacy Technology Program

  • Class Dates: August 18, 2021 – March 31, 2022
  • Cost: $1650 per quarter (total cost of course is $3,500)
    • Total includes a non-refundable $200 deposit to guarantee your spot in the class upon completion of the prerequisite testing.
    • Additional costs: $300 for books, lab coat, and testing fee
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  • When to take this course: AFTER you have your high school diploma or GED and have a minimum of 8th grade reading and math skills. 
  • Contact: Call MVROP at (510) 657-1865
  • Prerequisite: Must have a high school diploma or GED. Must pass the placement assessment with a score in reading and math at the 8.0 grade level. The preparatory course at Fremont Adult School will prepare you for this test.