Winter Quarter:  Dec 12, 2023 – Feb 22, 2024

Class #1:  Keyboarding, Reading, Online Study Lab (independent, self-paced)

  • Build typing and keyboarding skills
  • Improve reading, writing, or math skills using online programs
  • Complete career training modules on online learning systems such as CustomGuide, Metrix Learning, and more


Class #2:  Basic Computer – Google Docs

Prerequisite: Read at 3rd grade level or higher, type 10 wpm or higher

  • Identify credible websites on the internet
  • Navigate the internet and websites using web addresses
  • Become familiar with Google Docs and Google Drive
  • Use Google Calendar to organize your day



  • Free for NHAS students
  • Nominal fee for Non-NHAS students
    $20/quarter for Keyboarding
    $30/quarter for Basic Computer


All new students must attend the New Student Registration where you will:

  1. Take a typing test
  2. Take a reading test (if you're not already an NHAS student)
  3. Complete enrollment forms
  4. Start your goal-setting process

ENROLLMENT SESSIONS (plan for three hours)

Winter Registration :  Tuesday, December 5  |  11:45am-2:45pm | Room W18


FREE Computer Training Tutorial Videos (compliments of CustomGuide)
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